Heather Ciallella
Third-year PhD candidate

Heather earned her BS in Chemistry (2015) and MS in Forensic Science (2017) from Arcadia University. She currently works in the cheminformatics lab of Dr. Hao Zhu, where her dissertation research focuses on applications of deep learning and uses of chemical big data in mechanism-driven toxicity modeling predictions. As a student in CCIB, Heather completed her teaching assistantship in the Chemistry department. She served as the Computational Vice Chair of the SOC and was an active member of the Graduate Student Advisory Council during the 2018-2019 academic year. Outside of school, she enjoys documentaries, podcasts, and books about true crime and playing with her pet bearded dragon Delilah.

Experimental Vice Chair
Sung Won Oh
Fifth-year PhD candidate

Sung Won Oh

Sung earned her BS in Biochemistry (2015) from Rutgers University-Camden. She currently works in the lab of Dr. Jinglin Fu, which focuses on the field of DNA nanotechnology in biochemistry. As a student in CCIB, Sung completed her teaching assistantship in the Biology department. In 2019, she won the CCIB Best Paper Award for her Angewandte Chemie paper "DNA-mediated proximity assembly of biochemical reactions", and she participated in the National I-Corps program funded by the Department of Defense. Outside of school, Sung enjoys playing the cello.

Computational Vice Chair
Liam Sharp
Fourth-year PhD candidate

Liam Sharp

Liam earned his BS in Physics (2012) from Juniata College and MS in Computational and Integrative Biology (2016) from Rutgers University-Camden. He currently works in Dr. Brannigan's computational lab. He runs molecular dynamics simulations to better understand the interactions between neurological proteins and their membranes. In lay terms, he watches lipids dance around with proteins on a computer. He is interested in membrane mixing patterns and domain formation due to saturated lipids and polyunsaturated lipids (animal fat and fish oil), and how neurological and non-neurological membranes differ when embedded with neurological proteins (how model membranes look compared to realistic membranes). As a student in CCIB, Liam worked as a physics tutor for the campus Learning Center and completed his teaching assistantship in the Math and Physics departments. Outside of the lab, he likes to travel, go to museums, read books, and play co-operative board games.